January 2020 Income Report

January 2020 Income Report

Why share my income?

The journey from hobby to career has been a learning experience. I’m still learning everyday. Making money with yarn is not an easy task, but it can be done. I hope to inspire you to follow your dream and make an income doing what you love. 

Learning how to blog has been instrumental in creating more income. I definitely recommend starting your own. It is a great form of passive income that will continue to make money for years down the line. Learn how to start your own blog HERE.

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Where does my income come from?

  • Adsense (Youtube)
  • Ezoic (Blog)
  • Afflilate Sales
  • Pattern Sales
  • Tshirt Sales

January Happenings

I’m a month late writing this blog, therefore I need to jog my memory of what went on this month, lol. 

I began livestreaming on my YouTube Channel every Saturday 2:00 EST. Being an introvert, livestreaming didn’t come naturally to me. I had to truly overcome my fear of talking in front of people. Luckily, with a little wine and great people, livestreaming became a breeze. 

What once scared me became something I look forward to every single week. So if you are afraid to get in front of the camera, give it a couple of tries. You may even learn to enjoy it. In the process, you will introduce yourself to a whole new audience of people. 

January Income report

Crochet Blog January Income Report

  • Adsense $1109.44
  • Pattern Sales $146.89
  • Ezoic $243.61
  • Affiliate $91.75
  • Merch $40.04

Total: $1,631.73


  • MailerLite $15
  • Pattern fees $18
  • Supplies $39

Total: $72  *Monthly expenses vary. I pay subscriptions, such as web hosting, every 6 months. 

Net Income

$1,631.73 – 72 = $1,559

Every January I expect my income to drop after the December. People are more willing to spend money during the holiday season. On the bright side, I am making more money this January than I did the same time last year ($776). That’s double!

If you would like to learn how to start your own blog click HERE

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