How Much Yarn Do I Need? Crochet the Distance

How Much Yarn Do I Need? Crochet the Distance

Crocheting the Distance

Yarn is measured in yards & meters. You may have wondered “how much yarn do I need for a blanket, but have you ever wonder exactly how far that unraveled project could stretch? How far have you actually traveled with your latest crochet project and how many miles are on your hook? We are going to find out if you are crocheting the distance. 

Crochet is an art form that can’t be replicated by machine. Each stitch is unique. That is what make Crochet so special.  But what if we were to unravel one of our projects? How far do you think it can stretch? You will be amazed at the distance & heights your yarn and hook can take you.

How much yarn do I need?

  • Did you know when you crochet a dishcloth you’ll use about 210 feet of yarn! That’s as high as a 64 meters tall transmission tower.
  • A crochet hat can use up to 360 yards of yarn. You would need enough yarn to stretch 3.5 x the height of Big Ben clock tower in London.
  • The Effie tower is a gorgeous monument. It stands at 1063 ft, you’ll need more yarn than this to complete a pair of crochet socks. That’s a lot of yarn!
  • Did your friend just ask you to make a crochet scarf? Let them know, that You’ll be using enough yarn to stretch the length of the Empire State Building
  • Ready to pick up the distance? Crochet a shawl. You’ll need over a quarter mile or 0.5 kilometer of yarn to finish that project. That is equivalent to a nice walk around your neighborhood
  • We are starting to put some miles on our hook. You will need to crochet 1.25 miles or 2 kilometers just to finish a crochet sweater. Some people run that for exercise. Who knew you were such an athlete
  • About to finish that last row on that crochet Afghan. You have just crochet 2 miles or over 3 kilometers. That’s a ¼ of the distance to the top of mt Everest!
how far you crochet

So the next time a friend asks you to create one of your crochet masterpieces think about how far your next strand of yarn is going to take you.

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*The information that are used in the info graphs above were calculated using information from Lion Brand & Allfreecrafts

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