22 Amazing Black Crochet Designers & YouTubers

22 Amazing Black Crochet Designers & YouTubers

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I created a list of 21 amazing black crochet designers in the fiber community to help get their voices heard. Especially during this time in our history. For days, people in the U.S. & around the world have joined together for protests against police brutality and police violence. The collective focus this week has turned to rooting out the systemic racism that touches every facet of our American lives — including the crochet community. Across the country, people are looking for ways to help. If you are uncomfortable with going to a protest, there are other ways to support black crochet designers. You can support us by following our social media, YouTube, purchasing  crochet patterns or reading our latest blog post.
Black crochet desingers

21 Amazing Black Crochet Fiber Artist & YouTubers

This list will be updated regularly.  Here’s a roundup of some of amazing Black Crocheters covered during my Livestream last week:

1. Littlejohn’s Yarn

2. Crafts by Aliyah

3. Crochet Stitch n Diva  

4. Shylercrochets 

5. Chasing SunRaee 

6. Naturally Danielle

7.  Infiniti Crafting Co

8. TL Yarn Crafts  

9. Loopingly Made 

10. Gregory Stitch

11. Classykim Crochet 

12. Creations by Courtney

13. 2Bossayknits  

14. Doycreations 

15. Black Ribbon Creations  

16. MsPoshPanache

17. Ornicka Chestang Owens  

18. MyPrettyBrownDoll 

19. Setta’s Place

20. J’s Knit and Crochet

21. Aja joi Watson

22. Joan Aoko

As individuals, one of the best ways to stand up for those at greater risk, to support communities that are neglected, discriminated against, or left behind, is to support their business efforts.

If you know of any artist that I may have missed. Please comment below.

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  1. ClassyKim's Crochet

    This Blog is So Special to me and I really Appreciate what you are doing for Our Sisters and Brothers and Community. Thank you for All that You do Alysha. I have just gone through your Entire List to Subscribe to all that I did not know about and I Thank you for the Introductions. Be Prosperous; much Love and Peace to you My Beautiful and Talented Sister.
    ClassyKim’s Crochet
    Kim Gough

  2. Anasia Garland

    I would love to see my name on a list like this one day!
    I’m not where I’d like to be yet, however I’m not going to count myself out. So if its ok I’d like to add myself:

    Sissy’s Crochet Creations
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SissysCrochet3
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/SissysCrochet3

    I would also like to shine a light on a few friends, my sister-in-yarn:
    Tyler D. Instagram @MyCloudedVisionz
    Elise E. Instagram @Lady_EvansCrochet
    Helena B. Instagram @Big_City_Hooks
    Sonia F. Instagram @CrochezCray

    I believe in us… and I think yall should too. 👸🏾✊🏾🧶💙

    1. Alysha Littlejohn

      Thank you for all the names! Getting into pattern writing & YouTube is a great way to grow you crochet business. Good luck on your journey.

  3. Jeanette Sarayah

    Hi Alysha, you are so awesome and Helpful. The craft community has a diamond and I’m so glad I found you. Thank you for always being helpful and so creative and very inspirational.
    Thank you

    1. Alysha Littlejohn

      Thank you so much ❤️

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