Free Crochet Adidas Pattern for Babies

Free Crochet Adidas Pattern for Babies

Crochet Adidas Video Tutorial

If you are  going to make crochet baby booties you might as well make the coolest newborn shoes! This free crochet Adidas pattern is great for boys or girls.

There are very little crochet Adidas “English” patterns available.  And the other patterns aren’t free. You’re in luck, this one is! I hope you enjoy. If you are looking for more baby sneaker patterns check out my crochet Nike Shoes or crochet 

Pattern is for 0-3 months. Increase the hook size to create 3-6 baby sneakers.

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Scroll down for free written pattern

crochet Adidas shoes
Crochet Adidas Shoes
crochet Adidas shoes
Free crochet Adidas pattern
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Adidas Written Pattern

Video reference time has been provided to assist you in the making of the baby Crochet Adidas. Click for Adidas video tutorial. Written pattern differs from video but many of the techniques are the same. I find the references to be visually helpful


Deborah Norville Everyday yarn  (thin worsted or dk yarn)

Hook: 2.5 mm 

*note go up 1 hook size for 3-6 mos*


Ch- Chain

Slp St- Slip Stitch

Sc- Single Crochet

Sctog- Single Crochet Together

Hdc- Half Double Crochet

Dc- Double Crochet

Dctog- Double Crochet Together

Trb- Treble Crochet

BlHdc- Back Loop Half Double crochet

BpDctog- Back Post Double Crochet Together (video 14:25)


Row 1: Ch 11, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook,  Sc in the next 3 stitches, Hdc in next 2 st,  Dc in next 3 st, 7 Dc in last st. (working on the bottom side). Dc in next 3 st, Hdc in next 2 st, Sc 4 st, 3 Sc in last st. Slp st to join (28 st)

Row 2: ch1, Sc in same sp, Sc in next 8 st, 2 Sc in next 6 st, Sc in next 9, 2 Sc in the next 4 st, slp st to join (38 st)

Row 3: Ch 1, Sc in the same sp, Sc next 8 st, (sc, 2 sc next st)6x, Sc in the next 9 st, (Sc, 2 Sc next st)4x.  Slp st to join. Fasten off. (48 st)

Row 4: Attach yarn to center back of heel (working in back loops) Ch 2 BlHdc in next st, BlHdc around, slp st to join first Dc. (47 st)

row 5: Ch 1, Sc in next st & in each around, slp st to join first Sc Fasten off. (46 st)


Row 6: Find the center 22 stitches of the toe, mark with waste yarn. Attach yarn (toe facing left, heal facing right), Ch 3 (counts as Dc), Dctog in next, (Dc, Dctog) across (see video 13:15)

Row 7: Ch 2, BpDctog across (see video 14:25)

Row 8: Ch 1, Sc7tog sts, Slp st to join last st (bottom ch-2) fasten off. (video 16:25)

Heel side of shoe

Row 9: Toe facing right, heel facing left. Attach yarn 2 stitches into toe area (see video 17:28). Ch1, Sc in same space, sc around til 2nd stitch into shoe. (28)

Row 10-11:  repeat Row 9

Row 12: Ch 1, Sc in the next st, Sc next 11, Sctog, Sc next 11, sk next st, Sc in last. (25)

Row 13: Ch 1, Sc in the next st, Sc next 9, Sctog, Sc next 9, Sk next st, Sc in last (22 st)

Row 14: Ch 1, Sc in next stitch across, sk 2nd to last st, Sc in last. (20)

Row 15: Repeat Row 14 (18 st)

Row 16:  Ch1, Sc in same space, Sc next 3, Hdc next 2, Dc next 2, Trb next 2, Hdc next 2, sc next 4 st. fasten off.

Tongue of shoe

Row 18:  Attach yarn to shell toe of shoe, Evenly Sc 10 across

Row 19-25: Ch 1 Sc in same sp, Sc crochets across

Change color to black

Row 26-27: Repeat Row 19

Row 28-30: Ch 1, Sc in next, Sc across until last 2 sts. Sk 2nd to last st, Sc in last

Adidas Stripes

5mm hook, double yarn, Ch 35 fasten off

Attach stripes to side of shoe (see video 34:44)

Back logo

Row 1: Ch 11, Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc across

Row 2: Ch 1, Sc in the same, Hdc in next, Dc next 2, Trb in the next 2, Dc in the next 2, Hdc, Sc fasten off.

With white yarn, sew Adidas emblem on (see video 38:00)

Sew completed label onto shoe

Laces make 2

Ch 150 fasten off, attach to shoe. See picture for reference

crochet baby sneaker pattern

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